Financial planners in demand, salaries to rise

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The Australian financial services sector suffered the biggest decline in job opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, with the job barometer falling in equities, derivatives and trading.

But it’s far from bad news for those seeking a career in financial planning, as the latest video from Wealth Professional explains.

Due to new compliance requirements, the Australian financial planning industry is seeing bright spots on the job horizon.

According to George McFerran of eFinancialCareers, the Big Four Banks are on the hunt for financial planners, “but they’re also interested in taking people from outside the industry as well, who’ve perhaps got broader experience in sectors of commerce”.  

It’s also good news for those seeking a pay rise, with Steven Paola of Hay Group forecasting “four per cent on average over the next 12 months for salary increases”.

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  • Banker on 29/08/2012 11:46:36 PM

    How does an experienced banker in a HNI relationship management transition to financial planning with out using the big4?

  • Matt on 3/08/2012 10:39:09 AM

    The banks are shocking. As an ex bank planner for over 10 years I concur with the comments above. The problem is that the bank push is continuing, so even more clients will suffer at the hands of this, which will inturn tranish the reputation of good advisers out there. A simple test - ask a WBC planner to sell something other than WBC or BT life insurance. Good luck with that!

  • The Patriot on 2/08/2012 4:59:45 PM

    ex Bank PLanner is spot on. I spoke to a big4 planner this week who is being pushed out even though he is ahead of budget this year and last year acheived more than most. The boss wants more conversions and more revenue - never mind the client or service of existing ones. All new business at any cost. Surely there is abetter way of kerbing this behaviour?

  • ex bank planner on 1/08/2012 9:41:27 AM

    as a planner who recently left one of the big 4 banks to start my own business i suggest the reason they are looking for new planners is because they are focusing on revenue over providing good advice and ongoing service to existing clients...isnt this why FOFA was brought in?

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