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What consumers are being told about financial planners by Kathleen Payne | 7/01/2013 12:55:02 PM

As people attempt their financial New Year's resolutions they will flock to the internet for advice. Here's what the net is telling people to look for in a financial planner.read more

3 reasons why clients don’t want choice by WP | 5/01/2013 3:08:33 PM

They might think that’s what they want, but really they want to know the simplest way to solve their problem.read more

Planners: Is fear stifling your career? by WP | 3/01/2013 1:49:42 PM

Fail to confront these fears and you may never make the transition from good adviser to a great adviser. read more

Former financial planner sentenced to jail time by Kathleen Payne | 3/01/2013 10:29:47 AM

A former financial planner has been sentenced to jail time following his permanent ban from advising. What you could face if you break the rules.read more

Low consumer confidence leads decline in superannuation by Kathleen Payne | 20/12/2012 5:20:27 PM

The Australian population is ageing but superannuation contribution is on the decline. How can you buck the trend with your clients?read more

Young money: A $31bn revenue opportunity by Kathleen Payne | 20/12/2012 11:59:11 AM

Research has discovered a revenue opportunity for advisers, worth about $31b. Have you got a stake in the money?read more

The investment strategy that's taking the market by storm by Robin Christie | 17/12/2012 10:57:01 AM

Investors are jumping into this asset class at a faster rate than anything that's been seen in the last 20 years, claims this industry insider.read more