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Shorten's response to Trio report slammed by Kathleen Payne | 11/05/2013 12:39:51 PM

The Government has responded to the PJC report into Trio Capital, calling for stricter requirements on your PI insurance. The response hasn’t been hailed by everyone thoughread more

What women really want in an adviser by WP | 7/05/2013 3:11:50 PM

When working with married couples, you need to pay as much attention to the wives as you do the husbands, or you could find yourself losing clientsread more

New independent dealer group steps into the ring by Kathleen Payne | 7/05/2013 12:42:56 PM

Two existing dealer groups are merging to create a new independent dealer group, which will also be the AIOFP’s third largest member. Find out who’s heading the operation and how far they plan to spread their reachread more

Industry to capitalise on bank changes by Kathleen Payne | 3/05/2013 6:25:26 PM

Adviser movements within the big banks could be beneficial for everyone – as long as you play your cards right and act smartread more

Planner's passion first step to success by Kathleen Payne | 3/05/2013 11:00:21 AM

The advice profession has a different view when looking at it from the eyes of a 23-year-old female financial planner. Here’s what it looks likeread more