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One of Asia-Pacific's leading media companies, Key Media provides specialist publications, websites, events and business conferences focused on the needs of professionals, senior executives and business leaders. Offices in Sydney, Auckland, Singapore and Toronto give the company exceptional reach and exposure to industry developments across the region.

Key Media’s latest contribution to the mortgage industry is Wealth Professional – a free online information resource for all Australian advice and planning professionals.
Wealth Professional will be the perfect online support vehicle for any company looking to market their products to the planning and advice channel.
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Key Media - mission statement
To produce with maximum efficiency products that best combine audience interest with commercial objectives and therefore makes KM products market leaders in their respective sectors. To do this within a congenial, meritocratic working environment that rewards industry, creativity and entrepreneurialism and gives KM people purpose as well as employment. To maintain market agility and an open-minded and international approach to all business and people issues while continuing to expand operations.

Our head office is in Sydney, Australia and further offices are in Auckland, Singapore and Canada.

Key Media is a leading organiser of conferences, gala dinners, award ceremonies and events. Combined these include a packed calendar of professional education (to include conferences and seminars), trade shows, industry summits and award ceremonies. Our events are designed to cater to the needs of professionals, senior executives and business leaders.

Key Media is a leading publisher of specialist industry news magazines and websites.

Currently we publish:

In conjunction to printed publications, Key Media design and develop consumer and business to business websites for our niche target audiences. Integrating new web 2.0 technologies, Key Media engages readers with innovative concepts utilising social media to extend brand recognition.

Websites include:

www.yourmortgage.com.au - Compare home loans  and use a home loan calculator
www.brokernews.com.au - Mortgage news for Australian Mortgage Broker professionals

Each is designed to cater to the specific needs of each industry's professionals, senior executives and business leaders.

For further information please contact:

Justin Kennedy
sales director
Ph: +61 2 8437 4700
E-mail: justin.kennedy@keymedia.com.au
Web: www.keymedia.com.au